“My wife and I arrived in Edmonton in 2014. I pursued a graduate degree at University of Alberta , while my wife worked. After a year, we had to renew our respective study and work permits. Canadian immigration rules can really be tricky, and this is where Tony’s expertise would be valuable. Tony assisted us in completing and filing all of our applications. He even explained to us the different options that we could take in order to apply for permanent residency after completing my graduate program. For any newcomer to Canada, tracking immigration rules and getting the necessary documents and permits to maintain legal status can be quite challenging. Tony is very knowledgeable in this area and I highly recommend him for any concerns about Canadian immigration. My wife and I are really glad to have met Tony. He is very reliable, efficient, and professional in handling our case.”

German – Philippines


“Tony Santiago has all his heart in getting the best possible outcome for anyone to whom he provides CIC immigration advice.
He has a vast knowledge of all the variables that play into getting a great immigration result and he patiently and ardently guides one through the detailed preparation (document gathering and completion) and application process, in order to maximize one’s chances for a favorable outcome.
He understands the usually emotional and sometimes unsettling aspects of his client’s CIC immigration challenges and he helps one to have reasonable and relatable understanding of one’s immigration situation as well as how to positively fulfill CIC’s expectations for one’s application.
The excellent CIC immigration advice and service that Tony provided was exceedingly crucial to my successful application for my spouse’s visitor’s visa after my initial application was rejected. Tony was with us in every detail of our reapplication process. My spouse’s visa came through less than a month after we submitted the excellent application that Tony Santiago helped us put together.”

Tokunbo – Nigeria


“Tony Santiago has helped me a lot with applying for my study permit, temporary resident visa and post graduate work permit. He even helped me with inviting my spouse to get a spousal open work permit and a temporary resident visa for my 2 daughters.
He is very good in what he does and always acts with integrity.
I highly recommend him”.

Siddhartha – India


I am Anna Mae Mangahas, from the Philippines I just came to Canada on July 2015 to visit my cousins for 3 months when I saw how good the standard of education in Canada. I decided to consult Tony Santiago if it’s possible if I can change my status inside Canada. He helped me by providing all the requirements and letters that I needed to convince immigration. I got my student Visa and I am currently a full time student in George Brown College. I am so thankful because Tony Santiago was able to help me out even if I’m in Toronto ON.

Ann – Philippines


“Tony Santiago was my advisor when I studied at the University of Alberta. I highly recommend Tony Santiago as an Immigration Consultant. He was knowledgeable, full of patience and explained all the immigration options available during my application for the study permit, visa and post graduate work permit in a language that I could clearly understand”.

Joanna – China


My name is Maria Lourdes Awad and I first met Mr. Jose Antonio (Tony) Santiago two years ago. All I can say is that he is very reliable in getting immigration papers done. He was the one who made it possible for me to get permission to work from CIC while I was studying in Edmonton, Canada. This was not the only time that he was able to prove his capability. In January of this year, I was able to get my Post-graduation Work Permit. I wouldn’t have deemed this possible without his help. In the near future, I will be applying for my Permanent Residence and he will still be my Immigration Consultant.

Ria – Philippines


“I was pregnant and about to give birth in a few weeks. As an international student in Canada I was alone and needed a member of my family to be with me. My spouse applied for a temporary resident visa but was refused. I asked the help of Tony Santiago and he assisted me with the application based on humanitarian and compassionate grounds-best interest of child.

He was very knowledgeable about the immigration process and acted in a professional manner but with compassion and empathy.

My spouse was issued a visa in such a short time I could not believe it. Now we have a beautiful baby girl born in Canada and we owe a lot to Tony.

I highly recommend him to be your immigration consultant because he is really a professional who can help you with your immigration requirements.

Patience – Nigeria


‘In my life, I applied to Citizenship and Immigration Canada three times. Twice for the study permit, once for an open work permit. I won twice. Tony Santiago was the person to revise my applications on both winning occasions. Tony is practical, clear, and extremely helpful as an immigration consultant. In my case, he was effective. He changed things, from a no to a yes, from helplessness to hope and prospects.’

Sepehr – Iran


Tony has provided me very professional service on my PR (permanent residence) application. The whole process was surprisingly easy with his help, the only thing I needed to do is to fill in my personal information and that’s all. He prepared all the documents, double checked each field that I filled and sent everything off when it’s  ready. He also gave my very helpful advices such as renew my passport so it won’t expire soon after I receive my document, which there would be no way for myself to notice it. I am very happy to have Tony as my immigration advisor.

Leyuan – China


Tony is really helpful and knows the requirements well. He worked with me on a final review of my documents before submitting my application. He made sure that I had all documents required so that I wouldn’t get any further requests for additional documents. This was indeed the case, after submitting my application I never heard from CIC again until I got the passport request.

Sol – Libya


I came in contact with Tony in 2013. I was initially in Canada between 2006 to 2012 and returned to my home country due to family reasons.
My application was rejected for a student visa in 2013 to return to Canada.
From the moment I established contact with Tony through a U of A advisor, he empathized with me and immediately started working on solutions in order to re-apply for my visa. He went beyond my expectations of what I thought a student advisor’s role was.
With his knowledge and understanding of the regulations, policies and procedures, he gave me the advice that I needed through the process. He understands the unique challenges of international students and guide in their interests.
He built a relationship with me that was based on honesty, trust and he genuinely appreciated my problems and goals. He double checked all my documents and ensure that the documents were completed accordingly.
Tony is an outstanding adviser, he advocates for student success through participation in discussions in an advising capacity around development or change of policies and related procedures

Alimamy – Sierra Leone

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