• Refused immigration application-What now?
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    • September 16, 2016
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    Applying for an immigration document with Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) formerly Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is a process.
    This process involves submitting an application and the IRCC through one of its officers processing the application package and deciding whether to approve or refuse.
    Once an application is refused the IRCC is obligated to send an applicant form IMM 5622 or what is known as a “refusal letter “.
    Getting a refusal letter is not the end of your Canadian dream. It simply means that you have one other piece that you need to take care of before you pack your bags and come to Canada.
    The refusal letter is an important document that will give you an idea of why the officer thinks you are not qualified to be issued the immigration document. Do not be afraid of the official tone of the letter. What it merely states is that the following reasons were considered that made the officer decide you do not meet the requirements of the regulations. This is based on the application that you submitted, therefore, it is possible for you to submit another application once you determine the actual deficiencies in the previous one.
    There are different reasons for you to be refused. The refusal letter has a checklist of the most common ones and for something that is not on the list there is a section called “other reasons” at the end of the letter where the officer writes a more individualized reason.
    Let me discuss one of the most common ones and how you can correct this in your subsequent application. This is the “purpose of visit” piece.
    Oftentimes, applicants would have submitted an application to either study or visit Canada without including a separate letter of explanation outlining the purpose of the visit. If you are applying for a study permit you should create a separate document (let’s call it “STATEMENT OF PURPOSE”).This document outlines why you want to come to Canada, why the specific course, why this specific institution, and how your studies and stay in Canada will help you achieve your academic and professional goals once you finish your studies and return to your country.
    Remember, it is important to demonstrate to the officer that your proposed stay in Canada is only temporary because you are only applying for a temporary stay (a study permit allows you to stay in Canada temporarily up to the expiration of the study permit document issued to you). You must prove that you will return to your country or anywhere outside of Canada since you are not permanent resident or Canadian Citizen that can stay in Canada indefinitely. The statement of purpose gives the officer an idea of the purpose of your visit and gives an assurance that you will not insist on staying in Canada beyond your authorized stay.
    TIP: a refusal does not mean a permanent NO, it just means you need to think of the reasons why it was refused and address the issues to make it a YES.
    Good luck and see you in Canada!

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